Inkzone Loop

The launch of InkZone Loop puts a manufacturer-independent online solution for digital control of offset presses onto the market for the first time ever. Supported by measurement technology, InkZone Loop enables the automatic measurement and evaluation of control strips, as well as the continuous transmission of computed correction values directly to the printing press.
Input : Direct connection to prepress
InkZone Loop supports measuring systems from a wide range of manufacturers. Density values on the sheet containing the printing control strip are measured in a matter of seconds, and can be visualized in IZ Loop.
Output : Transmitting correction values to the press
By comparing actual measured values with reference data, IZ Loop computes correction values for the press. Transmission of the data to the console can be via IZ Card, IZ Strip, IZ Tape, or IZ Perfect.

With InkZone Loop, the printing house saves time and cuts down on waste.

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